Department Contacts

  • Chair

  • Prof. Scott Denham
    Chair of Global Literary Theory
  • Departmental Coordinator

  • Meg Sawicki
    Departmental Coordinator for Global Literary Theory

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Students pursuing a global literary interdisciplinary minor will work with faculty members from multiple academic departments.

Keyne Cheshire

  • Interim Chair (2021-22) & Professor of Classics
Keyne Cheshire Headshot

Scott Denham

  • Dana Professor of German Studies | Chair of Global Literary Theory

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Germany
  • Holocaust
  • Literary Translation
Scott Denham Headshot

Amanda Ewington

  • Chair & Professor of Russian Studies

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Russian Literature
  • Russia & the West
  • Eighteenth-Century Studies
Amanda Ewington Headshot

Caroline Fache

  • Chair & Associate Professor of French & Francophone Studies | Associate Professor of Africana Studies | Bacca Professor of Humanities
Caroline Beschea-Fache Headshot

Melissa González

  • Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies | Chair of Gender & Sexuality Studies | Core Faculty in Latin American Studies
Melissa González

Rebecca Joubin

  • Chair & Associate Professor of Arab Studies
Rebecca Joubin Headshot

Kyra Kietrys

  • Professor of Hispanic Studies | Director of Davidson in Madrid

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Literature and Culture of Contemporary Spain
  • Literary Translation
  • Memory Studies
Kyra Kietrys Headshot

Zoran Kuzmanovich

  • Professor of English
Zoran Kuzmanovich

Alan Michael Parker

  • Douglas Houchens Professor of English

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Contemporary Literature
  • The Arts
Alan Michael Parker headshot

Syed Rizwan Zamir

  • Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Rizwan Zamir headshot

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Meg Sawicki

  • Departmental Coordinator


Carolina Inn 101 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
Chambers 2135 (Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays)

Meg Sawicki Headshot

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