Rahhala Journal

The Arab Studies department at Davidson College is proud to publish the Rahhala Journal annually. Rahhala represents a thoughtful selection of outstanding research conducted by Davidson College students during their travels throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We welcome contributions from Davidson College and beyond. Questions and comments may be directed to asjournal@davidson.edu.

Arab Studies students are frequently publishing articles, book reviews, translations, and conducting research. Here are some recent examples (listed alphabetically by student last name).

Recently Published Students & Alumni

Sophia Nissler '21

Hayden Bates '17

Noah Bricker '14

Catherine Cartier '20

Zakiyyah Chism '18

Beau Clark '13

Paige Donnelly '14

Alexandra Francis '12

Austin Gray '16

Anna Van Hollen '12

Anmar Jerjees '18

  • "The Reality of Oppression: Working with Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Bulgaria" in Change-Magazine

Stephen James Kalin '09

Lauren Khater '12

  • "'Temporal Template': Tool for Western Hegemony" - a review of The Clash of Modernities by Khaldoun Samman, in Al Jadid

  • "Anthony Shadid's 'House of Stone' or the Return to the Roots" by Elie Haddad (translation) in Al Jadid
  • "Fragments of Love and Loneliness: Adania Shibli's New Novel" - a review of We Are All Equally Far From Love by Adania Shibli, in Al Jadid
  • "Is Geography Destiny?" - a review of The Revenge of Geography by Robert D. Kaplan, in Al Jadid

Kate LeGrand '15

Tim Louthan '15

  • "The Power of History: Reappropriating Syria's Past" in Al Jadid
  • "Patrick Seale (1930-2014): Renowned Historian/Journalist, Lover of All Things Syrian...Even the Assad Regime" in Al Jadid

Aman Madan '19

  • "For Syrian Refugees Living in Jordan, Journalism Offers Hope and Opportunity to Rebuild Their Homeland" in Global Voices (July 2017)
  • "Oppression's Child: How Hatred Imbedded Itself in Syria's Soul" a review of In Praise of Hatred by Khaled Khalifa in Al Jadid

AJ Naddaff '19

Sophia Nissler '21

  • "Escape to Germany in Syrian Television Drama: From Cross-Cultural Gender Constructions to Transnational Tropes of Masculinity and Homeland" by Rebecca Joubin and Sophia Nissler in The Middle East Journal

Aric Reviere '15

Joseph Sills '12

Alex Soltany '18

  • "Yasar Kemal: Champion of Anatolian Literature and Social Justice" in Al Jadid

Hampton Stall '15

  • "Sowing Seeds of Social Media Destruction: ISIS as Disruptor and Political Weapon" in The Davidson International
  • "Rushing Reconciliation: The Day After Project" in The Davidson International
  • "Lebanon: Left Out of Discussion, Issues to Come" in The Davidson International
  • "The Shallow End of Egypt's Deep State: A Single Toe at a Time" in The Davidson International
  • "Why the Afghan Elections Matter so Much" in The Davidson International

Alex Taylor '13

  • "Thirst" by Ghassan Kanafani (introduction and translation) in Al Jadid