The Sociology Major at Davidson

The Davidson Sociology community is comprised of active and engaged faculty members who, while being maintaining positions of leadership in academic sociology, center their teaching and advising work in their professional identities.

Sociology majors are working researchers–they have the opportunity to present at academic conferences, co-publish with their professors, and distinguish themselves during their time at Davidson. Whether looking forward to futures in industry, social justice, the academy or the government, our majors have the background to effect positive social change.

Courses You Might Take

SOC 240

Social Movements


An introduction to social movements as distinctive social spaces in which relatively powerless groups of people make collective efforts to affect history.  Explores the major sociological approaches to studying these efforts, as well as the dynamics of social…

SOC 217

Gender & Society


This course introduces a critical approach to examining the social construction of gender. It explores several different perspectives on gender inequality and the role of social institutions such as family, education, economy, and media in creating the experience…

COM 207

Trump, Race, & U.S. Media


This course will teach students how to navigate contentious discussions concerning race in the age of Trump. We will explore how media are handling and mishandling the use of race in the current political environment, how to honestly contend with the issue…