As a faculty, we aim to train our students to not only be proficient in the Chinese language, but to give our students a thorough understanding of the culture, history, politics, and religions of one of the largest and most ancient countries in the world. 

Department Contacts

  • Chair

  • Fuji Lozada
    Chair of Chinese Studies

  • Departmental Coordinator

  • Susan Fabros
    Departmental Coordinator for Chinese Studies

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Graham Bullock

  • Associate Professor of Political Science | Faculty Director of the Deliberative Citizenship Initiative | Director of Davidson in China | Director of the Sustainability Information Lab

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • U.S. Politics
  • Environmental Politics and Policy
  • Citizenship and Deliberative Policymaking
Graham Bullock Headshot

Rosaline Kyo

  • Assistant Professor of Art and Chinese Studies
Rosaline Kyo Headshot

Fuji Lozada

  • Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty | Chief Diversity Officer | Professor of Anthropology

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • China/East Asia
  • Food Studies
  • Science and Technology Studies
Fuji Lozada

Dasa Mortensen

  • Assistant Professor of History
Desa Pejchar Mortensen Headshot

Rachel Pang

  • Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Rachel Pang Headshot

Shelley Rigger

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty | Brown Professor of Asian Studies


Chambers 1283/Preyer 111

Shelley Rigger

Ping Shao

  • Associate Professor of Chinese Studies
Ping Shao Headshot

Vivian Shen

  • Professor of Chinese Studies
Vivian Shen Headshot

Yiting Tsai

  • Lecturer of Chinese Studies
Yiting Tsai

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Susan Fabros

  • Departmental Coordinator
Sue Fabros Headshot

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