The Theatre Department has plenty of opportunities for students interested in every area of production.

In addition to production-specific assignments, such as stage management, board operator, and run crew, other positions within the department are available every semester.

Regularly Available Positions

Backstage positions are necessary to bring the technical elements of stage magic together. While certain positions must be filled twice a semester (for each performance), other positions may be created to meet the needs of a specific show. For past productions, students have composed original music and created videos and projections, among other jobs.

Stage Management

A stage management team is in charge of running the show. Typically a team of three, the stage management crew takes notes and ensures seamless communication among the director, cast, crew, and design team.  A manager may not simultaneously act and stage manage in a semester.

All theatre majors must complete at least one stage management assignment as part of their graduation requirements. 

Board Operators

These volunteers operate the elaborate lighting and sound systems for shows, and are responsible for all the effects that shape a production. Board operators are always needed, and learn on the job. They must commit to be present for all performances and technical rehearsals.

Wardrobe Assistants 

Wardrobe assistants help the wardrobe supervisor, facilitating quick costume changes, hair, and makeup changes. They are the extra hands that put the finishing touches on an actor's transformation into character. Volunteers will learn new techniques on the job, but should have a basic knowledge of hair and makeup before they begin. They must attend all technical rehearsals and performances. 

Run Crew

The run crew ensures that the stage is set properly with all of the correct props and furniture and that any set moves are executed as needed. The run crew is expected to be at all technical rehearsals and performances. 

If you have interests in working outside the listed positions, email Producer, Karli Henderson at to find out what other opportunities may be available.