The Humanities Program faculty is committed to providing students with a series of courses that emphasize reading and writing and are interdisciplinary deep dives into the greatest questions of human existence.

Program Contacts

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Patricio Boyer

  • E. Craig Wall, Jr., Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities and Director of the Humanities Program | Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Patricio Boyer Headshot

Caroline Fache

  • Chair & Associate Professor of French & Francophone Studies | Associate Professor of Africana Studies | Bacca Professor of Humanities | Coordinator of Global Literary Theory
Caroline Fache Headshot

Sharon Green

  • Professor of Theatre
Sharon Green

Marija Jankovic

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
Marija Jankovic Headshot

David Robb

  • Professor of Philosophy
David Robb Headshot

Anne Wills

  • Chair & Professor of Religious Studies
Anne Blue Wills headshot

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Amber MacIntyre

  • Departmental Coordinator | Program Coordinator
Amber McIntyre

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Get to Know the Humanities Fellows

Fall Fellows

  • Elias Henderson
  • Kate Muntzer
  • Felix Sammons
  • Cece Woo
  • Mia Riffle
  • Gabby Nahm
  • Tae Kim
  • Erin Price
  • Isaac Franks
  • Claire Begalla
  • Annabelle Ross

Spring Fellows

  • Olivia Lee
  • Nate Bagonza
  • Jacob Hertzinger
  • Toshaani Goel
  • Nadine Shannon
  • Erica Harris
  • Jack Barnett
  • Daisy Hoover
  • Katie Kowalyshyn
  • Brown Payne

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