Premedicine and Allied Health Professions at Davidson

Davidson has a rich tradition in the preprofessional training of medical health professionals, and its students are, and continue to become, leaders in the medical, dental, and health professions.

The liberal arts education you receive here prepares you, as a future health services provider, to meet the challenges and shoulder the responsibilities that await you.

The Premedicine and Allied Health Professions program emphasizes allopathic medicine (M.D.), though the program director and advisers can provide information and resources related to other health professions, including osteopathic medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing practice, physician assistant studies, podiatry, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and public health.

Make sure to connect with the Premedicine and Allied Health Program early in your college career to discuss a plan of study. First-year and sophomore students should attend the fall semester Premedicine and Allied Health Professions director's meeting the third Wednesday of September, and then schedule a small group meeting by emailing After a group meeting, students will meet individually with Prof. Naila Mamoon (, program director, to discuss a plan of study.

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