The History Major and Minor at Davidson

The History Department exposes you to the richness, diversity, and complexities of human history during various periods and in different geographic regions, with attention to critical issues such as ethnicity, class, and gender.

Students must complete courses in western, non-western and pre-modern history.

Courses You Might Take

ENV 256

Environmental History

Garcia Peacock

This course covers environmental interactions large and small, tracing the changing ways that Americans have shaped and thought about the places where they live and work. Course focuses on US environmental history from the colonial period to…

HIS 372

Egypt: From Soup to Nuts


This class is a survey of the history of Egypt, from the rise of the first unified kingdom circa 3,000 BCE (actually, from just before that development) down to the present day.

Satisfies a major requirement in History…

HIS 122

Europe since 1789


Significant political, socio-economic, and intellectual currents in European history since 1789.  

Satisfies the Historical Thought requirement.