The History Major and Minor at Davidson

The History Department exposes you to the richness, diversity, and complexities of human history during various periods and in different geographic regions, with attention to critical issues such as ethnicity, class, and gender.

Students must complete courses in western, non-western and pre-modern history.

Courses You Might Take

HIS 248

The Native South


This course is an interdisciplinary analysis of the history of the Indigenous peoples of the American South. Throughout the semester, we will develop a sophisticated understanding of the development of Southeastern Indian societies over time and across place…

HIS 386

Modern China


This course explores the major political, social, economic, religious, and cultural developments in China from the late imperial period until the present day. Course readings, films, and assignments focus on how Chinese intellectuals, women's rights activists, farmers, artists, and environmentalists…

HIS 120

Britain since 1688


The rise of the first urban industrial society, its period of world dominance, and the effects of its subsequent loss of status as a world power. Special emphasis on the political and social development of Britain since the…