The History Major and Minor at Davidson

The History Department exposes you to the richness, diversity, and complexities of human history during various periods and in different geographic regions, with attention to critical issues such as ethnicity, class, and gender.

Students must complete courses in western, non-western and pre-modern history.

Courses You Might Take

HIS 357

The Civil Rights Movement


An examination of the American civil rights movement's origins; its diverse strains of thought; its legal issues, strategies, and grassroots efforts; and its legacies. 

Satisfies a requirement in the Africana Studies major (Geographic Region: North America).
Satisfies a…

CLA 111

The Ancient World

Krentz and Truetzel

An introduction to the world of heroes like Odysseus and Romulus, gods like Athena and Bacchus, rulers like Cleopatra and Augustus, historians like Herodotus and Livy, martyrs like the seven Jewish brothers and Perpetua. The Greco-Roman…

HIS 183

East Asian to 1850


This course provides a broad overview of the important intellectual, cultural, economic, and political developments in China, Japan, and Korea from prehistoric times until 1850. Particular attention will be paid to philosophical traditions, political dynamics, material culture, the…