The History Major and Minor at Davidson

The History Department exposes you to the richness, diversity, and complexities of human history during various periods and in different geographic regions, with attention to critical issues such as ethnicity, class, and gender.

Students must complete courses in western, non-western and pre-modern history.

Courses You Might Take

HIS 267

Health & Society in Africa


Histories of health, healing, and disease control in Africa from c. 1500 to the present.  Explores the ways African people and states have conceived of and responded to relationships between human and natural environment, between individual and collective…

HIS 488

Kelley Honors Seminar


Two-semester research seminar for senior history majors who qualify for honors work and who are selected as Kelley Scholars.   Culminates in the researching and writing of a thesis. Admission by invitation of the History Department.


HIS 171

Taj Mahal to Terrorism


What unfolded in South Asian history from the time the Taj Mahal was built in the seventeenth century to contemporary War on Terror?  Focuses on transition from Mughal to British Rule, British colonialism, Indian nationalism, rise of independent…