The History Major and Minor at Davidson

The History Department exposes you to the richness, diversity, and complexities of human history during various periods and in different geographic regions, with attention to critical issues such as ethnicity, class, and gender.

Students must complete courses in western, non-western and pre-modern history.

Courses You Might Take

HIS 272

Massacres&Migratns:India Parti


Examines the causes and consquences of Partition of India in 1947. As centuries of British rule drew to a close, chaos enveloped South Asia. India and Pakistan were born out of genocidal violence that left over a million people…

HIS 488

Kelley Honors Seminar


Two-semester research seminar for senior history majors who qualify for honors work and who are selected as Kelley Scholars.   Culminates in the researching and writing of a thesis. Admission by invitation of the History Department.


HIS 142

The United States since 1900

Aldridge, Stremlau, Wertheimer

American history since the end of Reconstruction up to the modern day. 

Satisfies Historical Thought requirement.