Davidson in Washington offers you the opportunity to gain real-world government internship experience within the nation's capital, while you simultaneously obtain course credit for a political seminar taught by a Davidson political science professor.

About the Program

An eight-week program with a long-standing and notable history, the program has two full-course credit components: a political science seminar and a government internship. It is offered every summer. Download the program handout (PDF).

The Seminar

The nature of the seminar is determined by the professor, who resides in the Washington area for the duration of the program. Past seminars have dealt with American politics, international politics, comparative politics, and political theory. The seminar is a "regular" course; you receive a letter grade and full course credit.

Under most circumstances, the seminar meets in the evenings in a classroom on the campus of George Washington University. Seminars sometimes meet on Capitol Hill (in a U.S. House or Senate hearing room) or in the offices of interest groups or trade associations.

The Internship

With the assistance of the Center for Career Development, you can apply and serve as an intern in Washington-area offices. There is wide diversity in internship experiences. Previous Davidson students have served as interns in multiple House and Senate offices, The White House, Pulitzer Center, Chamber of Commerce, NBC's Meet the Press, embassies, public and private interest groups, political party organizations, think tanks, among many others. Read the full list of past internships.

You receive a full course credit for successful completion of their internship. The grade is pass/fail, but unlike other internships, political science majors may count it as a credit toward fulfillment of major requirements.


While freshmen with a background in politics may apply, preference is given to upperclassmen, predominantly sophomores or juniors. Depending on whether we offer one or two concurrent programs each
summer, between 25 and 45 students participate in the program each summer.

Eligibility is not limited to political science majors. The only thing in common among participants, in fact, is an abiding interest in politics and a desire to spend part of the summer in Washington, D.C.

The application for Summer 2020 can be found on Handshake (login requirement).