Tom Daggy Biology Award

The Tom Daggy Biology Award was established in honor of Dr. Tom Daggy, who taught in the Department of Biology from 1947 to 1981. This award recognizes outstanding academic achievement, leadership and service, and a love of exploring the secrets of life. Award winners are selected during the spring semester from among senior majors by the biology department faculty. The selection is based on the student’s academic achievements while at Davidson and his/her contribution to the Biology Department. Contributions may include a variety of activities, including but not limited to research, active involvement in BioSociety/TriBeta or other departmental activities, service to the community or the department (e.g. serving as a teaching assistant, tutoring, etc.). The Tom Daggy Award is presented at Spring Convocation. The recipient receives a monetary award and a certificate, and their name is recorded on a plaque.

      Recent Daggy awardees (last 10 years)

      • 2023 - Kamryn Graham
      • 2022 - Louisa Bartkovich
      • 2021- Haleena Phillips
      • 2020 – Lydia Soifer
      • 2019 – Hartlee Johnson
      • 2018 – Kyhl Austin
      • 2017 – Annalee Tutterow
      • 2016 – Elizabeth Brunner
      • 2015 – Devon Harris  
      • 2014 – Justin Strickland

      Dr. Jeremiah L. Putnam Endowed Biology Fund

      Established by former students and friends of Dr. Jeremiah L. Putnam to honor his 46 years of dedication and service to Davidson College, this fund supports students with strong academic potential and a proven interest in the biological sciences. Awarded at the discretion of the Biology Department, this funding will assist students seeking to further their education through international internships and/or research. Preference is given to students with demonstrated financial need.

        Recent Putnam awardees (last 10 years)

        • 2023-Mallorie Haines
        • 2023-Alexis McDonnell
        • 2023-Olivia Howard
        • 2022-Libby Mitchell
        • 2022-Mahia Sultana
        • 2022-Kelsey Troutman
        • 2021-Nikki Kostur
        • 2021-Wren Marks

        Sigma Xi's Undergraduate Research Award

        The Charlotte chapter of Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society, honors top undergraduate research scientists from regional colleges and universities. At Davidson, biology faculty nominates individual students for this award and the entire department selects student(s) to represent the department at the Celebration of Undergraduate Research. The student researchers and their faculty mentors are honored at the Celebration. Each student receives an award certificate and the department represented by the student receives a plaque for display.

        Recent Sigma Xi awardees (last 10 years)

        • 2023-Cathleen Krabak
        • 2023-Claire Olson
        • 2022-Paul Gomez
        • 2021- Alexander Sinks
        • 2020 – Caroline Phan & Caroline Miller
        • 2019 – Sebastian Flores
        • 2018 – Ryan Almeida
        • 2017 – Annalee Tutterow 
        • 2016 – Hannah Itell & Morgan Shannon
        • 2015 – Hannah McMillan 
        • 2014 – Eric Sawyer