All incoming first-year students planning to continue to study French or fulfill the language requirement in French must take the following web-based exam before registering for a French class.

The placement test will enable you to select the appropriate course among your original course selections. The purpose is to help you avoid having to alter your entire schedule in trying to add your French class later.

If you plan to begin French as a new language you should enroll in French 101 or 103, and you do not need to take this exam. During any regular academic year, French (FRE) 101 and FRE 103-104 are offered during fall semester only; sections of FRE 102, 201 and 212 will be offered both semesters.

For questions about the process or about proper placement, please contact the French Language Test Coordinator Prof. Florin Beschea, Assistant Professor of the Practice, at

Steps to Follow

  • Log into Moodle using your Davidson email credentials and go to the French Placement Moodle page. Use the enrollment key: FrenchPlacementTest
  • Follow the steps outlined, and make sure you read the information on how to take the test.
  • Take the test and submit. Once reviewed, your class placement will be posted on Moodle. The deadline for completion is Monday, June 19, 2023.

If You Do Not Yet Have Your AP /IB Test Scores

  1. Take the French Placement Examination. When prompted to do so on the placement test, please estimate your AP (or IB) score.
  2. Within two weeks of taking the French Placement exam, review your results on Moodle.
  3. Be advised that you may need to make schedule adjustments if your actual AP or IB test score differs from your estimated score. If this occurs, please email the French and Francophone Studies Department Chair, Prof. Florin Beschea, at

If you have a French AP score of 4/5 or an IB score of 6/7, and do not plan to continue your study of French at Davidson, you may use your AP or IB score to satisfy the college language requirement. In this case, the French and Francophone Studies Department encourages you to continue the study of French by enrolling in classes starting at the French 212 level.

Students who score above 5 may qualify for an exemption. Please email the French Language Test Coordinator, Prof. Florin Beschea, Assistant Professor of the Practice, at if you qualify, or with any questions.