Our research and teaching interests are in the fields of public policy, political behavior, comparative politics, political theory, and international relations.

We engage and mentor students in our research and topic areas of interest to students. As a political science major you will develop a sophisticated understanding of political ideas, institutions, and behavior as well as an ability to critically analyze public policy issues.


Peter Ahrensdorf

  • James Sprunt Professor of Political Science
Peter Ahrensdorf headshot

Katherine Bersch

  • Assistant Professor of Polical Science
Katherine Bersch headshot

Michael Bitzer

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
Michael Bitzer headshot

Graham Bullock

  • Associate Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies
Graham Bullock Headshot

Besir Ceka

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science
Besir Ceka headshot

Britta Crandall

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
Britta Crandall Headshot

Melody Crowder-Meyer

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science
Melody Crowder-Myer

Ken Menkhaus

  • Professor and Chair of Political Science
Ken Menkhaus headshot

Andrew O'Geen

  • Associate Professor of Political Science
Andrew O'Geen headshot

Shelley Rigger

  • Assistant Dean for Educational Policy | Brown Professor of Political Science | Chair of Chinese Studies
Shelley Rigger Headshot

Susan Roberts

  • Professor of Political Science
Susan Roberts Headshot

Brian Shaw

  • Professor of Political Science
Brian Shaw headshot

Silvi Toska

  • Assistant Professor
Silvi Toska headshot

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Meg Sawicki

  • Program Coordinator



Carolina Inn 101 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
Chambers 2135 (Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays)

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Faculty Emeriti

  • Mary Thornberry
  • Lou Ortmayer

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