The Davidson College Biology Department provides supplemental funding for student travel to present biological research results at scientific conferences through two awards: the David Grant Travel Award and the Cynthia Grant Travel Award.

The David Grant Travel Award honors David Grant, Ph.D., who taught a variety of field courses in the biology department from 1968 until 2000. Grant remains active in the community by working for local conservation efforts. Although the David Grant Travel Award may support any type of biological research, special consideration will be given to research projects with a field component.

The Cynthia Grant Travel Award honors the memory of Cynthia Grant, Ph.D., who was the wife of David Grant and taught in the biology department from 1972 until her untimely death in 1984. An immunologist by training, Cynthia taught a variety of lab courses. Although the Cynthia Grant Award may support any type of biological research, special consideration will be given to research projects with a laboratory component.

For both awards, biology majors who are first authors on presented research will receive higher priority. Given that scientific conferences are an important way to network and learn about new developments, students are strongly encouraged to attend as much of the conference as possible. Importantly, the selection committee expects all applicants to seek travel grants from multiple sources, including the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, before applying for a Grant Travel Award. Faculty members with student travel funds written into their research grants should expect to match any contributions from the Grant Travel Fund. Applications may be submitted by email to Prof. Rachid El Bejjani at

Applications should include the following components:

  • Cover letter stating the title of the research detailing the need (dates, place, and name of conference). This cover letter also should include a short paragraph that outlines the main results and their significance.
  • A more detailed presentation of the work in the form of an extended abstract (approximately one page) that includes an outline of the methods (including statistical treatments), the main results, and an explanation of their significance.
  • Detailed budget and explanation of any other funding sources that will be used.