In a society faced with increasingly complex technological and humanistic problems, a liberal arts education contributes to the development of engineers.

Partnering with Columbia University in New York and Washington University in St. Louis, Davidson offers cooperative dual degree engineering programs.

Academic Goals of the Program

  • Establish a strong foundation in science, mathematics and computer science to facilitate lateral thinking and a deeper approach to engineering problem-solving.
  • Explore diverse dimensions of the human experience for service and leadership in the engineering profession.
  • Develop effective communication skills to support a clear and informative exchange of ideas.
  • Foster an appreciation of the social and ethical context of technological problems so that humane solutions can be identified and implemented.
  • Provide international and cultural experiences to inform multi-cultural teamwork and applications around the world.
  • Cultivate creativity for imaginative engineering design.


You can attend Davidson for three or four years and, if accepted, attend the engineering school for the last two years. You are guaranteed admission to Washington University if you complete the science and math prerequisites and achieve the requisite GPA. Students entering Davidson prior to Fall 2019 also qualify for guaranteed admission to Columbia University. For students enrolling at Davidson College in Fall 2019 and thereafter, admission to Columbia Engineering is no longer guaranteed.

Davidson academic departments, in consultation with the engineering advisor, will count some engineering courses toward senior year department course requirements. Upon successful completion of the prescribed courses in the dual degree program, you will receive bachelor's degrees from both Davidson and the engineering school.

To receive a Davidson degree under the cooperative dual degree plan you must:

  • Satisfy all Davidson graduation requirements.
  • Choose a Davidson major and complete a course of study for that major.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the requirements for graduation.
  • Graduate from one of the cooperating schools in an approved engineering curriculum.

The following links provide more specific information on the programs at Columbia University and Washington University:

For additional information, please contact our Dual-Degree Liaison, Professor John Yukich at