In a society faced with increasingly complex technological and humanistic problems, a liberal arts education contributes to the development of engineers.

Partnering with Columbia University in New York and Washington University in St. Louis, Davidson offers cooperative dual degree engineering programs, as well as co-curricular opportunities for students to dive into their engineering interests in the larger community.

In addition to one-on-one advising, students interested in engineering have access to:

  • hands-on research opportunities with real world connections to engineering
  • turnkey engineering independent studies with pre-made curricula, problem sets and more
  • state-of-the-art facilities including the physics department machine shop, Studio M makerspace and quality instrumentation

Academic Goals of the Program

  • Establish a strong foundation in science, mathematics and computer science to facilitate lateral thinking and a deeper approach to engineering problem-solving.
  • Explore diverse dimensions of the human experience for service and leadership in the engineering profession.
  • Develop effective communication skills to support a clear and informative exchange of ideas.
  • Foster an appreciation of the social and ethical context of technological problems so that humane solutions can be identified and implemented.
  • Provide international and cultural experiences to inform multi-cultural teamwork and applications around the world.
  • Cultivate creativity for imaginative engineering design.

Experiential Learning and Outcomes

Whether pursuing the dual degree or simply by working with our engineering advisors during their four years at Davidson, students pursue a variety of experiences in the engineering field. 

Research, Internships, Careers and Graduate School

Student Spotlight Yue (Eric) Xu '24

"I didn’t know much about the engineering program when I was a first year student. After learning more in an email from Dr. Yukich, I became interested. With his help, the application process was pretty smooth. He answered every question in detail, even the minute ones. I find Columbia Engineering School's vision for socially connected engineering attractive. My two majors may seem irrelevant but this program provides a way to combine the two things I like the most. I really want to work in an area where I can utilize my knowledge in both computer science and philosophy."


For additional information, please contact our Dual-Degree Liaison, Prof. John Yukich.

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