The German Studies Major and Minor at Davidson

Majors will become proficient in the German language, gain knowledge of German-speaking literature, culture, and history, and engage in the critical analysis of those traditions.


Students who have studied German prior to entering Davidson but have not been awarded college credit for it will take an online placement test administered by Davidson. They will be placed in German 250 or 260 if their preparation is exceptional; such students may request an additional oral examination to certify completion of the language requirement without additional courses. Students are placed in German 201 if their preparation is strong; in German 102 if less strong. In some cases, the department will recommend that a student who has studied German in high school begin in German 101. No student who has studied German in high school, however, should expect to take German 101 for credit without the express permission of the department.


To receive honors, a student must at the time of graduation have an overall GPA of 3.2 or better, have a 3.5 average in all courses counted toward the major,  have fulfilled all the requirements for the major, and the department must judge the thesis (written for German 495) and its defense worthy of honors. In the case of an exceptional academic record, together with a thesis of the highest quality, the department may confer high honors.

Courses You Might Take

GER 250

Intro to Literary Studies


An introduction to authors, genres, and periods in German literature as well as methods of literary criticism. Close reading, discussion, and analytical writing in German about key original texts from various periods and traditions.

Satisfies the Literary Studies…

GER 336

Memory on Film (in transl)


Examines personal and collective memory in a variety of cultural contexts and the strategies that film and literature use to represent it. We will also analyze the roles that truth-telling, trauma and national narratives play in memory's construction. From…

LIT 432

Theory & Prac Lit Translation

Cheshire, Denham, Ewington, Fache, Henke, Joubin, Kietrys

This seminar addresses theoretical and practical aspects of literary translation, underscoring translation as both a distinctive form of creative writing and a demonstration of cross-cultural and linguistic competencies. Coursework includes regular literary…