The Economics Department presents awards to students to recognize achievement in areas of study and to support formal study, fieldwork and service.

In the fall, we present the Clark, Nelson and Rostan, and in the spring, we present the A.K. Phifer, Chaston and Patterson Awards.

Award Spotlight Chaston Award

Given in honor of Dr. Kelly Chaston (Davidson College economics professor, 1997-2010), this award recognizes an outstanding economics student who exemplifies how the insights of economics can be used to improve the human condition. This award is presented during the annual ODE Reception.

Clark Award

Established in memory of E. Fielding Clark '38, this award recognizes outstanding students interested in majoring in economics or intending to pursue a career in business.

Nelson Award

Established in honor of Dr. C. Louise Nelson (Davidson College economics professor, 1964-88), this award provides financial aid to students interested in the study of economics.

Rostan Award

Established by John P. Rostan, Jr., '39, John P. Rostan III, '66, and James H. Rostan, '67, this award is given to an exceptional rising senior interested in pursuing a career in economics or business.

Award Spotlight A.K. Phifer Award

The A. K. Phifer Award is presented to a sophomore, junior, or senior with a distinguished record in the study of economics.

This award is presented during the spring convocation ceremony.

Patterson Grant

Established in honor of Ernest Finney Patterson (Davidson College economics professor, 1957-79), this grant subsidizes formal study, research, field work or community service that promotes improving society and bettering the human condition. Submit your completed application to the chair of the economics department no later than 5 p.m. on May 1 (or the following Monday if May 1 falls on a weekend).