The Environmental Studies Major and Interdisciplinary Minor at Davidson

In recent decades, issues related to the environment have emerged as key concerns at local, national, and international levels. 

The Environmental Studies major and interdisciplinary minor are designed to give students broad exposure to a range of environmental issues and to provide multidisciplinary approaches to understanding the complexity of factors that affect the environment and our understanding of it.

We are a broad department that includes Environmental Science, Environmental Social Science, and Environment Humanities in our curriculum. Our majors and minors are able to choose one of those tracks to focus on, and we offer courses in a number of different fields including anthropology, art, biology, chemistry, ecology, economics, English, geology and earth sciences, history, political science, and social justice. We are very proud of the interdisciplinary experience we offer our students.

As you plan your courses for the Environmental Studies major, you may find our Major Worksheet (PDF) helpful.

Courses You Might Take

ENV 256

Environmental History

Garcia Peacock

This course covers environmental interactions large and small, tracing the changing ways that Americans have shaped and thought about the places where they live and work. Course focuses on US environmental history from the colonial period to…

ANT 384

Am Indian Nations,Pressng Topc


Political thought is produced by people who are themselves situated within global networks of economic and political power. Scholars, activists, and other thinkers in the global south produce theories about politics that are different from the theories produced…

ENV 273

Art, Activism & Environment

Garcia Peacock

In this course students will explore environmental themes in American visual culture. Taking the art related to the environmental justice movement as a point of departure, students will be exposed to a broad range of visual material…