The course includes Davidson Humanities Fellows, veteran students dedicated specifically to the course as writing tutors, discussion leaders, project organizers, tech helpers, research advisors, van drivers, and activities conveners.

They are trained writing tutors and have a tutors room (Carolina Inn 224) as their space for working with students in the course. The Humanities Fellows are the backbone of the Humes community of teaching and learning in the course. The Fellows immerse themselves fully in the course, attending all the course meetings and doing all the readings alongside the students in the course.

Meet the Fellows

Humanities Fellows are passionate about the Humes Program at Davidson. In these short videos, the Fellows share their experiences with first-year students.

Grant Agar ‘22

Louisa Bartkovich ‘22

Charlie Christofferson ‘22

Max Dominguez ‘22

Sophie Eichelberger ‘20

Michaela Gibbons ‘22

Uyen Nguyen ‘20

Neil Patel ‘22

Lucy Prothero ‘20

Cutler Renard ‘20

Mikaila Rummage ‘22

Savanna Vest ‘22

Maddy Wolfenbarger ‘22

Turner Wood ‘22