As South Asia is the most rapidly growing and dynamic region in the world today, we believe in insuring our students are proficient in the languages and knowledgeable in the histories, politics and cultures of the region.


Jonathan Berkey

  • James B. Duke Professor of History

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • The Middle East
  • The Islamic World
Jonathan Berkey

Bill Mahony

  • Charles A. Dana Professor of Religion
Bill Mahony headshot

Dave Martin

  • Professor of Economics
David Martin Headshot

Sarah Waheed

  • Assistant Professor of History | Director of Davidson in India

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • India, Pakistan
Sarah Waheed Headshot

Syed Rizwan Zamir

  • Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Rizwan Zamir headshot

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Miriam Jacobson

  • Departmental Coordinator
headshot of Miriam Jacobson

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