The Psychology Department offers several events to students that create opportunity to engage in the department community, connecting with both faculty and fellow students, as well as the greater psychology community through research talks, professional development colloquia, and community news.


This academic year we will reintroduce PsychTable, an informal lunch with two or more faculty held twice a month in Vail Commons. All psychology students are invited to attend. Look for the table with the "psychology" sign. Students may use their campus meal plans for the lunch.

Psych Snippets

Psych Snippets is an e-newsletter for psychology majors, faculty, staff, interested alumni, and "friends of psychology." Issues are released weekly during the academic year and sporadically during the summer. Psych Snippets keeps our community updated on speakers, research and post-Davidson job opportunities, Psi Chi news, and members' accomplishments (e.g., new grants, recent publications, presentations). To suggest enews items, including psychology-related humor, or to subscribe to PsychSnippets, please email our Psych Snippets production team at and Prof. Kristi Multhaup at

Psych Meet & Greet

At the beginning of each semester, the Department of Psychology hosts an informal meet-and-greet event where students can meet and chat with the department faculty and staff. The Chair of the department gives a brief welcome message that highlights events planned for the semester. 


Our PsychNight events, held once each semester, give our students the opportunity to experience presentations on recent research projects by current and former students.

Psych Majors Information Panel

A "Welcome to the Major Meeting" is held every semester during preregistration to introduce new and prospective students to the major. Topics include selecting an adviser, registering for classes, and developing a multi-year plan to complete the major. A question-and-answer period follows the prepared presentation. Students considering psychology and those who recently declared psychology are encouraged to attend.

Psych Juniors Meeting

The Junior Motivational Meeting is held every spring during preregistration for juniors (and off-track sophomores). Topics include the senior thesis and capstone experience, Psi Chi, and major events that will take place during the senior year. A question-and-answer period follows the prepared presentation.

Group Mentoring

Davidson's chapter of Psi Chi, the international psychology honor society, runs a group mentoring program for psychology majors and prospective majors. The goal of the program is to form connections between the older and, hopefully, wiser upperclassmen and the younger new/potential majors. Students interested in psychology can get the perspective from a more seasoned student in the department and learn about their research experiences, summer internships, and the grad school process. If you are interested in participating as either a mentor or a mentee, email Prof. Maurya Boyd at, the Psi Chi faculty advisor.

Psychology Speaker Series

Each year, we host a speaker series. Psychologists in research and practice are invited to share their work and experience with our students. These lectures provide opportunity for our psychology majors to gain valuable exposure to cutting-edge research. Email Prof. Jessica Good at, coordinator of our speaker series, with speaker suggestions and questions.

Psychology Senior Banquet

Each spring, all senior majors, psychology faculty and faculty emeriti, as well as our psychology award donors are invited to attend the Psychology Senior Banquet where our graduation awards are announced: the William Gatewood Workman, the John D. Kelton, the Edward L. Palmer, and the Sigma Xi awards. Awardees have a chance to meet and chat with their award donors at the event.

Psi Chi Induction Ceremonies

Twice a year (fall and spring), the Davidson College Chapter of the Psi Chi International Honor Society holds an induction ceremony for new members. Invitations are sent to all eligible, declared psychology majors toward the beginning of each semester. Email Prof. Maurya Boyd at, Psi Chi adviser, for more information.