Department Contacts

  • Chair

  • Prof. Vivien Dietz

    Chair of Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Departmental Coordinator

  • Alana Juneau

    Departmental Coordinator for Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Alison Bory

  • Chair & Associate Professor of Dance
Alison Bory Headshot

Patricio Boyer

  • E. Craig Wall, Jr., Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities and Director of the Humanities Program | Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Patricio Boyer Headshot

Vivien Dietz

  • Chair of Gender and Sexuality Studies | Professor of History
Vivien Dietz Headshot

Maria Fackler

  • Associate Professor of English
Maria Fackler Headshot

Melissa González

  • Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer | Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies | Core Faculty in Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Latin American Studies | Resident Director of Davidson in Cádiz ‘24
Melissa Gonzalez

Jessica Good

  • Chair & Associate Professor of Psychology
Jessica Good

Katie Horowitz

  • Assistant Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies and Writing
Katie Horowitz Headshot

Gayle Kaufman

  • Chair & Nancy and Erwin Maddrey Professor of Sociology

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Gender Equality
  • Modern Families


Preyer 104

Pronouns: they/them

Headshot of Gayle Kaufman

Susan Roberts

  • Professor of Political Science

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • U.S. and N.C. politics
  • Reproductive rights
Susan Roberts Headshot

Rose Stremlau

  • Associate Professor of History

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Native Americans in the South
  • History and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Rose Stremlau Headshot

Patricia Tilburg

  • Chair & James B. Duke Professor of History | Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • History of Modern Europe (France, Paris)
  • History of Women, Gender, and Sexualities
  • Labor History
Patricia Tilburg

Jessica Worl

  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Science, Technology, and Society Studies
  • Political Ecology
  • Informal Economies and Labor with a focus on the extractive industries


Wall 286

Pronouns: she/her/hers

a young woman with black hair wearing a brown sweatshirt and smiling

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Alana Juneau

  • Departmental Coordinator
Alana Juneau headshot

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