Davidson faculty and students participate in several activities to encourage mathematics interest and talent in regional schools, from elementary to high school.

Charlotte Mathematics Club

Prof. Stephen Davis and Prof. Carl Yerger are coordinators for the Charlotte Mathematics Club which works with middle and high school students who have high levels of interest and talent in mathematics. The club meets once a month to provide opportunities, including competitions, for mathematical enrichment and service, as opposed to remediation.

Charlotte Teachers Institute

Through the Charlotte Teachers Institute, Prof. Donna Molinek, Tim Chartier and Raghu Ramanujan have given extensive seminars on topics in mathematics and computer science that enrich the experience and instruction of area high-school teachers.

Museum of Math

Prof. Chartier is on, and was first chair of, the Advisory Council for the Museum of Math located in New York City. The museum's exhibits travel around the country.

High School Speakers Program

Occasionally, a Davidson faculty member will speak to a local high school class, math club, or larger group about some intriguing topic in mathematics. Contact Prof. Chartier or Molinek for more information.


Prof. Chartier is a professionally-trained mime and developed the presentation "Mime-matics" (PDF) that explores math through the art of mime and introduces mathematical concepts such as patterns, division, and infinity. Workshops, led by Davidson College undergraduates often accompany the presentation and are led in classrooms (in schools) or at booths or exhibits (in museums or libraries).

Private Tutors

Near the beginning of every semester, the department gathers a list of Davidson mathematics students who are interested in employment as tutors for high school (and college) students. Contact our assistant Vanessa Victor at vavictor@davidson.edu for a copy of the list. The department does not subsidize or endorse the tutors, but just provides this service to facilitate connections.

School visits

Occasionally, a Davidson student or group of students will be mentored by a Davidson faculty member to present an activity or lesson in an area elementary or middle school. For example in 2011-12, Chartier organized a new math performance group called Main Street Math that visited four 3rd grade classes at the Community School of Davidson.

Mathematics Education Organizations

Prof. Stephen Davis and Klein are involved in activities of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Klein writes the State Comprehensive finals and professors Davis and Klein have been important leaders in the College Board Advanced Placement Program for Calculus. They have been leaders in AP Calculus reading (grading) and on the AP Calculus Development Committee. Many faculty members contribute to mathematics exposition relevant to teachers of advanced high school mathematics.