Utilize these resources to access resource guides, tutorials, Russian search engines, literature, newspapers, and magazines.

These links will help you practice your oral and reading skills, keep abreast of current events, expand your knowledge of Russian culture and consider additional opportunities to engage with Russian Studies.



Грамотa (in Russian) this resource searches across multiple dictionaries and includes a link for reader questions.

Даль the Russian equivalent of the OED, this dictionary is invaluable to students reading folklore or works from the 18th or 19th centuries.

Web-Based Tutorials and Study Tools

AATSEEL's Index links to numerous online study aids and grammar drills.

LearningRussian.net links to reference guides, grammar help, on-line dictionaries and more.

Russian Interactive Online Reference Grammar by Robert Beard at Bucknell University, this resource provides grammar explanations, self-correcting exercises and additional helpful links.

Don't Forget Your Russian a handy new resource for keeping your Russian skills strong between semesters.

Russian Grammar Channel a helpful YouTube resource.

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Russian language proficiency guidelines with helpful examples.