The Dance Minor at Davidson

A minor in dance provides students with a range of experiences that encourage creative exploration and critical thinking.

Minors are encouraged to enhance their study at summer dance festivals and intensive workshops. Dance classes are often enhanced by attendance at and participation in the dance performances and opportunities offered in the college and local communities. Dance minors should expect to actively participate in these co-curricular activities.

Courses You Might Take

DAN 144

Afro-Caribbean Dance Forms

DAN 240

Modern Dance Technique I


Emerging at the turn of the twentieth century, modern dance encourages the development of physical capacities for creative expression. Focusing on proper alignment, body mechanics, and anatomical efficiency, this course introduces the basic principles and technical components involved…

DAN 340

Modern Dance Technique II


Designed for students with prior dance training, this movement practice course builds upon student awareness of the principles and techniques of modern dance. Emphasizing further development of the skills of movement execution and expressively, course work will include…