The Dance Minor at Davidson

A minor in dance provides students with a range of experiences that encourage creative exploration and critical thinking.

Minors are encouraged to enhance their study at summer dance festivals and intensive workshops. Dance classes are often enhanced by attendance at and participation in the dance performances and opportunities offered in the college and local communities. Dance minors should expect to actively participate in these co-curricular activities.

Courses & Requirements

Courses You Might Take

DAN 288

Choreographing Politics


In this course, we will consider the ways in which dance and performance scholarship examines the politics of performance. Looking at particular dance forms and choreographic compositions as case studies, we will scrutinize how dance has been exercised to wield state power and forward narratives of nationhood. In so doing, we will consider how institutional powers have regulated dance to control citizenry and to dominate marginalized peoples. To being to question what is threatening about dance's organizing of bodies, we will examine dances that have been censored, legislated, and outlawed, as well as looking at how acts of protests and demonstration manifest choreographic strategies and ideas. Throughout our study, we will continually return to questions around the performance of identity, attending to the ways in which the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, class, and ethnicity factor into these danced practices of authority and protest. Considering the body and its organization in performance as potent sites for analysis, this course will take an interdisciplinary approach to our study, intermingling critical readings in Dance Studies, Performance Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and political theory, alongside performance viewings and physical exploration.

Fulfills a theory requirement in the Dance minor.
Fulfills a requirement in the Literature & Culture track of the Gender & Sexuality Studies major and minor.
Satisfies the Justice, Equality, and Community requirement. 
Satisfies the Liberal Studies requirement.



DAN 340

Modern Dance Technique II


Designed for students with prior dance training, this movement practice course builds upon student awareness of the principles and techniques of modern dance. Emphasizing further development of the skills of movement execution and expressively, course work will include studio practice, readings, video screenings, and written work.

Students entering 2012 or after: satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.
Students entering before 2012 or after: satisfies the Fine Arts requirement.

DAN 240 or permission of the instructor.

DAN 240

Modern Dance Technique I


Emerging at the turn of the twentieth century, modern dance encourages the development of physical capacities for creative expression. Focusing on proper alignment, body mechanics, and anatomical efficiency, this course introduces the basic principles and technical components involved in performing techniques of Modern Dance.  Though the primary work is in the studio, course work will also include readings, video viewing, discussion, and written analysis. 

No previous dance experience is necessary.

Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.