The Dance Minor at Davidson

A minor in dance provides students with a range of experiences that encourage creative exploration and critical thinking.

Minors are encouraged to enhance their study at summer dance festivals and intensive workshops. Dance classes are often enhanced by attendance at and participation in the dance performances and opportunities offered in the college and local communities. Dance minors should expect to actively participate in these co-curricular activities.

Courses You Might Take

DAN 260

Dance Composition


An introduction to the fundamental skills of dancemaking, this course explores the development and crafting of movement for performance. Examining a range of compositional methods and performance approaches, students will develop the basic tools for dance choreography. Coursework…

DAN 252

History, Memory,Perf, Place


What racist and exclusionary legacies on campus must we still contend with? How might both the practice and theory of performance help us understand the unfinished business of history- "the endings that are not over," as sociologist Avery Gordon…

DAN 242

Haitian Dance Technique I


In this combined technique and theory course, students will engage in the practice of Haitian dance, and support this embodied learning with study of Haitian artists, history and culture. Bi-weekly physical practice introduces students to the foundations of…