French and Francophone Studies strongly encourages majors to study abroad. The college has a multitude of program options on five continents. Visit the Office of Education Abroad website for more information on studying abroad and to apply to the Davidson in France program.

Davidson in France

For students, the program's mission is to

  • provide an opportunity to improve their French language skills and global competence
  • give a better understanding of the culture and history of France
  • deepen understanding of France's past and present domestic issues, including systemic racism and subsequent inequalities, and of its past and present position in the world
  • ensure that the lived experience of Davidson in France (DiF) becomes an invaluable, formative and memorable component of the student's undergraduate experience

Course Options

Davidson in France collaborates with IES Abroad's French Studies and International Affairs programs to study in Paris. Note: Business courses in the International Affairs track will not transfer back to Davidson College.

Track 1: French Studies (in French only)

  • Homestay
  • Pre-requisites: 4 semesters of college-level French
  • Mandatory courses: La France Noire + 1 French language course

IES Abroad's French Studies

Track 2: International Affairs (in English & French)

  • Homestay
  • Pre-requisites: No language required
  • Mandatory courses: Black France + 1 French language course

IES Abroad's International Affairs

Study in Paris: A Multifaceted Metropolis

Paris offers a doorway to a variety of different cultures, and many scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs from around the world call this city home. When most people think of Paris, they think of iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, Champs Élysées, and Arc de Triomphe, and while these sites are emblems of France’s history, today Paris is one of the most important business, financial, and political centers in the world.

Program Details

Cultural Activities

Students will participate in mandatory excursions and cultural outings organized by the resident director. They will also have a local student ID that gives them access discounted rates to plays, operas, and many museums.

"Black France" Theme

The resident director’s course, cultural programming and excursion will examine the legacy of colonialism and systemic racism on cultural, social and political structures, with a particular focus on people from the African Diaspora.

Housing and Meals

Students live with host families, subject to change due to pandemic requirements. Meals will be provided in part by the host family and in part through a program allowance that can be used in the many restaurants, cafés and bistros in the city or at the student restaurants.