One of the most vital resources of the Chemistry Department is its people. Davidson is fortunate to have a group of dedicated and enthusiastic faculty and staff professionals working with bright and motivated students.

Mitch Anstey

  • Assistant Professor
Mitch Anstey Headshot

Ruth Beeston

  • Professor of Chemistry
Ruth Beeston

David Blauch

  • Professor of Chemistry
David Blauch Headshot

Michael Bovino

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Michael Bovino Headshot

Felix Carroll

  • Joseph R. Morton Professor of Chemistry
Felix Carroll Headshot

Cindy Hauser

  • Professor of Chemistry
Cindy Hauser Headshot

Jeff Myers

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry
Jeffrey Myers Headshot

Lesa Offermann

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Lesa Offermann Headshot

Nicole Snyder

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry | Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Research and Creativity
Nicole Snyder headshot

Erland Stevens

  • James G. Martin Professor of Chemistry
Erland Stevens Headshot

Durwin Striplin

  • Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Durwin Striplin Headshot

Marissa Styron

  • Adjunct Instructor for Chemistry

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Keith Frye

  • Instrumentation Specialist
Keith Frye Headshot

Alexis Yates

  • Administrative Assistant
Alexis Yates Headshot

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Faculty Emeriti

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