The Philosophy Major and Minor at Davidson

The Philosophy Department aims to provide you with a systematic approach to foundational questions, an approach that stresses clarity and attention to detail.

Philosophical questions arise in every discipline and in every occupation. Does God exist? Is knowledge possible? What is the best life? Are there objective moral truths? Are we purely physical beings? Do we have free will?

Other philosophical questions are not quite as grand in scope, but are important nonetheless, such as an ethical dilemma in a particular science, or the proper analysis of the evidence or cause of a central concept. Philosophy majors are well-equipped for any profession requiring creative and careful thought; many pursue graduate or professional degrees.

Courses You Might Take

PHI 213

Philosophy of Science


This course is about the nature of science, with a focus on Thomas Kuhn's pioneering and widely influential text, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.  Topics include the difference between science and pseudo-science, the rationality of scientific change, the…

AFR 322

Caribbean Phil Freedom


This course explores the work of Caribbean philosophers who have produced some of the most influential thinking on the problem of human freedom. This owes to the fact that nearly 5 million enslaved Africans were taken to the…

PHI 110

Problems of Philosophy

Busch, Jankovic, Layman, McKeever

Introduction to philosophy through a survey of selected philosophical problems. Topics vary, and have included questions such as: Does God exist? Do we have free will? Can we know anything? Is truth relative? Is morality…