The Philosophy Major and Minor at Davidson

The Philosophy Department aims to provide you with a systematic approach to foundational questions, an approach that stresses clarity and attention to detail.

Philosophical questions arise in every discipline and in every occupation. Does God exist? Is knowledge possible? What is the best life? Are there objective moral truths? Are we purely physical beings? Do we have free will?

Other philosophical questions are not quite as grand in scope, but are important nonetheless, such as an ethical dilemma in a particular science, or the proper analysis of the evidence or cause of a central concept. Philosophy majors are well-equipped for any profession requiring creative and careful thought; many pursue graduate or professional degrees.

Courses You Might Take

PHI 211

Theory of Knowledge


The central questions of epistemology are: What is knowledge? Do we have any? If so, how did we get it? This course accordingly looks at the nature, scope, and sources of knowledge.

Counts as an elective for the…

PHI 212



Philosophical study of the most fundamental features of the world and our place in it. Topics vary, and have included abstract and concrete entities, God, causation, space and time, necessity, freedom and determinism, the identity of objects and…

PHI 102

Reason and Argument


Introduction to reasoning with a focus on the nature and evaluation of arguments, the identification of fallacies, and the rules of rational discourse.

Satisfies the philosophy major requirement of either PHI 102 or PHI 200.
Satisfies the…