Physical Education at Davidson

Recognizing the importance of your personal wellness and physical fitness, Davidson requires participation in the physical education program.

The courses offered are designed to instruct you in various lifetime leisure/recreational activities that will provide you with a foundation for a healthy, physically active lifestyle.

You are encouraged to select an activity that will offer a new exposure, develop skills in an activity with which you are already familiar, or supplement a current fitness program. Physical education courses are primarily activity based and require active participation on the part of you and your instructors.

As a result of participation in the physical education and recreation program students will demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in a wide range of movement skills
  • Knowledge and skills of recreational and competitive activities to promote lifelong participation
  • Understanding of the principles of wellness and their application to a healthy lifestyle
  • The physical and mental courage needed to accomplish challenging tasks
  • The knowledge, skills, and abilities to promote and maintain physical fitness and wellness for themselves, their families, and the community.

Fitness Centers & Facilities

Davidson has a variety of fitness centers and facilities that are open to students and employees. Please register in advance to use a fitness center.

Wellness Facilities

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Physical Education, Recreation & Wellness

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