The Political Science Department offers courses and seminars that cover political theory, various aspects of the American political system, government and politics in foreign countries, and international relations. 

Political science is one of the largest majors at Davidson College. The political science curriculum prepares students for a wide range of careers. Our alumni populate high-level positions in the government and in international organizations, are CEOs and innovative entrepreneurs in the private sector, and are leaders in the non-profit sector.

Courses You Might Take

ECO 288

Int'l Political Economy

B. Crandall

This course covers the core ideas behind international monetary and trade theories with particular emphasis on emerging markets.  Why does the dollar go "up" or "down," and with what implications?  How do financial crises begin and spread?  Who…

POL 445

Corruption and Development


This seminar explores the relationship between corruption and development. Does corruption impede development? If so, what if anything can be done about it? We examine differences in conceptualization and measurement of corruption, explore cases of corruption in politics…

POL 182

Intro to Research Methods

Bersch, Ceka, Crowder-Meyer, O'Geen, Toska

The framework of social science analysis, and the use of statistics for studying political problems. Topics range from research design and hypothesis testing to correlation and multiple regression.

Satisfies the Mathematical and Quantitative Thought requirement.