The genomics program makes available to its students a variety of laboratory facilities and state of the art equipment.

Genomics students have access to modern research-caliber equipment, including robotic microarray printer, gel documentation system, cryostat, microscopes, speedvac, nanodrop, fluorometer/spectrophotometer, gel electrophoresis for proteins and nucleic acids, real-time PCR machine, thermal gradient PCR machine, quad PCR machine, flow cytometer.

Students use a variety of software and databases to accomplish the sophisticated tasks of designing and building DNA devices. In addition to the equipment listed above, our lab also has several computers configured with customized software for genomics and bioinformatics.

Commonly Used Equipment
Four chamber PCR machine

The Quad PCR machine allows multiple students to run different reactions simultaneously. Research students use the thermocycler to amplify DNA for cloning and for screening new clones.

Synergy genomics device is a black and silver box

When students want to quantify the amount of fluorescence in a population of cells, they can use the Synergy machine that generates a ratio of light divided by cell density.

Two genomics devices with a laptop

Students use the flow cytometer to quantify the amount of fluorescence in individual cells, 100,000 cells at a time. The gradient PCR machine generates a temperature gradient so students can optimize amplification conditions.