Each year, approximately 75 percent of our chemistry majors pursue higher education, many of them on scholarship.

Ph.D. Programs

About 50 percent of Davidson's chemistry majors choose to attend graduate school in pursuit of a Ph.D. in chemistry or in related fields such as chemical engineering and biochemistry. Davidson College chemistry majors have gone on to Ph.D. programs at:

Alabama, California-Berkeley, Cal Tech, Colorado, Colorado State, Cornell, Delaware, Emory, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Maryland, MIT, Michigan, North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina-Greensboro, Notre Dame, Queens (Belfast, Ireland), Princeton, Stanford, Texas-Austin, Tufts, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest

M.S. Programs

Arkansas, California-Berkeley, California-Irvine, Cal Tech, Chicago, Emory, Georgia Tech, North Carolina-Charlotte, Northwestern, Ohio State, Tulane, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest

Medical School

More than 25 percent typically enter medical school or M.D. and Ph.D. programs

Boston, California-San Franciscio, Case Western Reserve, Chicago, Cincinnati, Drexel, Duke, East Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana State, Mayo Clinic, Mercer, Missouri, North Carolina, Penn State, South Florida, Tennessee-Memphis, Texas-Houston, Texas-San Antonio, Virginia-Richmond, Wake Forest, and West Virginia.


Davidson chemistry graduates also go on to careers in education, forensics, medical and industrial research, sales, technology, management, ministry, and the military.