The Neuroscience faculty are dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of how the brain functions, endowing humans with the capacity to know, to feel, and to value.

We are also committed to giving you the research and publication opportunities you need for a comprehensive learning experience and to become successful graduate school and career candidates.

Program Contacts

  • Director

  • Prof. Julio Ramirez
    Director of Neuroscience
  • Departmental Coordinator

  • Nancy Dickens
    Departmental Coordinator for Neuroscience

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Mark Barsoum

  • Assistant Professor of Biology | Math, Science, and Economics Center Director
Mark Barsoum

Rachid El Bejjani

  • Associate Professor of Biology
Rashid El Bejjani

Phil Icard

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phil Icard Headshot

Barbara Lom

  • Professor of Biology
Barbara Lom

Julio Ramirez

  • R. Stuart Dickson Professor of Psychology | Director of the Neuroscience Program
Julio Ramirez Headshot

Mark Smith

  • Professor of Psychology

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Addiction
Mark Smith Headshot

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Nancy Dickens

  • Departmental Coordinator

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