Chinese Language and Literature Major

Students who major in Chinese Language and Literature focus on the study of Chinese language, literature, and culture, with the aim of achieving proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The major requires courses aimed at helping majors to develop a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture through the study of literature, humanities, and social sciences. It also requires a course in either literary theory or translation.

Because proficiency in Mandarin is difficult to achieve in eight semesters, the major requires intensive study of the language through study abroad. A minimum of two semesters abroad OR one semester plus a summer of study in China or a Chinese-speaking country is required. Students may combine a formal program with a summer of independent research. Intensive study in the United States (Middlebury, Monterrey) may count toward this requirement.

Chinese Language and Literature majors who maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 in major courses and successfully complete an honors thesis will receive honors in the program.

Chinese Studies Minor

Students can minor in Chinese Studies which requires satisfactory completion of six courses numbered above Chinese 102.

Courses You Might Take

CHI 451

Advanced Chinese

Tsai, Shen

Selected topics on Chinese current affairs, economy, culture, literature, etc.   It is designed for students who have successfully completed Advanced Modern Chinese courses or its equivalent. The goal is to bring students to native or near-native competence in all aspects…

ART 224

Modern & Contemp Chinese Art


This course focuses on modern and contemporary Chinese art, including painting, photography, sculpture, film, mixed-media works, and performance art from the mid-19th century to the contemporary period. Some key questions we will pursue include: How did commercial and…

CHI 122

Chi Visual Culture (in transl)


This course introduces students to different aspects of Chinese visual culture including traditional ink paintings, popular publications, propaganda posters, performance art, as well as cinema. We will explore broader themes, such as the representation of the natural world and…