Classical literature and thought are at the very foundation of the liberal arts. Without Classics there would be no Davidson College, no notion even of “college.” 

Classics is more than a field of study. It deepens our understanding of “study” itself by opening our eyes to the original human motivation for academic inquiry, humanistic and scientific. Through Classics, you not only forge a powerful connection with the distant past but also appreciate how we at Davidson all share in an age-old and ongoing pursuit of those arts that can liberate our minds in the fullest sense.

The Classical world is also a world of difference. Spanning three continents, the peoples of that world, like us, grappled with and wrote about the differences they experienced between one another and among themselves. Add to this the stark differences between our own modern cultures and those of 2,000+ years ago. As we might seek to connect with the people of the past, that past also resists our efforts. 

This tension broadens our minds, instructing us in the concept of difference and cultivating our appreciation for diversity generally. In fact, the exploration of such differences consistently yields the most exciting and interesting work in Classics.

Intersecting with such disciplines as art, archeology, language, literature, philosophy, political science, and religious studies, we in Classics challenge students and ourselves with a multidisciplinary approach that fosters a well-rounded intellect, inspires disciplined study, and generates creative approaches to the challenges we face.

Because this kind of education prepares students well for the world ahead, our majors have naturally found success in a dizzying array of vocations

Classics Graduates

These short videos are a sample of graduates reflecting on how Classics has prepared them for their careers in investing, law, marketing, media relations, medicine, and teaching.

Erika Weiberg '08

Profession: Classics Professor, Florida State University

Peter Gross '02

Profession: Marketing Director, MicroEnsure

Robert O'Donnell '10

Profession: Director of Broadcast Media, The White House

Sarabeth Peele '11

Profession: Attorney, Baker Botts

Angela Soper Hogue '08

Profession: Family Physician, Primary Health Network

Michael Clifton '02

Profession: Vice President, The Carlyle Group