Educational Studies at Davidson

Our department prepares you to:

  • Understand and apply multiple and conflicting perspectives on education and schooling;
  • Understand how historical events, social forces, and moral principles related to democratic institutions can inform and direct schooling practice, leadership, and governance;
  • Understand the full significance of diversity in a democratic society and how that bears on curriculum and instruction, school and community leadership, and state and national governance;
  • Analyze critically both historical and current educational policies and practices at national, state, and local levels, and their impacts on teaching, learning, and the assessment of P-16 students.
  • Prepare students who plan to enter graduate school in various education-related fields, such as school psychology, speech pathology, educational policy, education law, etc.
  • Fulfill the needs of students who are interested in the academic study of educational history, sociology, psychology, theory, and policy.

Educational Studies Minor

The minor, offered by our department, can also fulfill your interest in the academic study of educational history, sociology, psychology, theory, and policy. 

Educational Studies Interdisciplinary Major

An educational studies major is available through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

Courses You Might Take

EDU 200

Research Methods in Ed Studies


This course is designed to develop students as effective consumers of educational research and introduce them to the theory and practice of social science research in education. Students will gain a broad understanding of educational inquiry, thinking…

PSY 241

Child Development


(Cross-listed as Educational Studies 241.)  Research and theory on the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical changes in development from prenatal through middle childhood.  Emphasis on how culture shapes child development and applications to educational settings.

Satisfies the Social-Scientific Thought requirement…

EDU 395

Independent Study in Education


Independent Study in Education