The digital studies interdisciplinary minor provides a framework for studying the digital tools, cultures, and practices that permeate everyday life.

These tools, cultures, and practices shape how we work, play, communicate and learn. Understanding the social and historical contexts of these technologies is a fundamental part of digital studies.

Through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Davidson College offers a Digital & Screen Media major. Designed to challenge students to fashion their digital presence while simultaneously questioning emerging technologies, the major also encourages students to become sensitive consumers and producers of digital media.

Digital studies courses range across three broad areas:

  • Digital creativity, which includes digital art and digital narrative;
  • Digital culture, which focuses on the communities, practices, and counter-practices that modern technology has given rise to; and
  • Digital methodology, in which digital tools are used to quantitatively or qualitatively analyze, map, and share text or data.

Combining theory and practice, the digital studies interdisciplinary minor fosters expertise essential for the 21st century: procedural literacy, data awareness, network sensibility, entrepreneurial thinking, iterative design, digital citizenship, information preservation and sustainability, and the ethical use of technology. 

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