The Classics Majors and Minor, and Greek and Latin Minors at Davidson

Extending far back in time and across so many fields of study, the classics majors and minors promise an intellectual perspective that will inform and enrich the whole of your life's learning, at Davidson and beyond.

The department offers two majors, one in classical languages and literature and the other in classical studies. The first focuses on ancient Greek and Latin; the second takes a broad, interdisciplinary approach to Greek and Roman studies. 

The department also offers three minors, one in Greek, one in Latin, and one in classical studies.

Courses You Might Take

GRE 103

Intens Elem Greek (2 credits)


For beginners. No prior acquaintance with Greek assumed! Together, we'll cover the whole of ancient Greek grammar, reading excerpts from Greek literature along the way. By the conclusion of the semester, you will be thoroughly prepared for GRE…

CLA 277

Rome and Carthage


Examines the rise of Rome and Carthage, the series of wars they fought for control of the western Mediterranean from 264-146 BC, and the long-term effects on Mediterranean history.

Counts toward the major in Classical Languages and Literature, the…

CLA 224

Medical Etymology


This course explains the Greek and Latin roots of the language of medical science, and encourages mastery of these elements as essential to understanding medical language.  In addition to etymological study, the course will investigate word origins in…