The Classics Majors and Greek and Latin Minors at Davidson

Extending far back in time and across so many fields of study, the classics majors and minors promise an intellectual perspective that will inform and enrich the whole of your life's learning, at Davidson and beyond.

The department offers two majors, one in classical languages and literature and the other in classical studies. The first focuses on ancient Greek and Latin; the second takes a broad, interdisciplinary approach to Greek and Roman studies. 

The department also offers minors both in Greek and in Latin.

Courses You Might Take

CLA 141

Greek Art & Archaeology


Minoan-Mycenaean art and architecture of the Aegean Bronze Age; later Greek art and architecture from the Geometric to the Hellenistic period.

Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.
Satisfies a requirement for the Classical Studies major and the…

GRE 201

Intermediate Greek


The course is intended to develop skills acquired in GRE 103 through systematic grammar and syntax review and readings from selected Greek authors such as Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon and Plato.

GRE 103 or placement test. (Offered…

LAT 225

Ovid: Poetry from Exile


Carmen et error ("a poem and a mistake"). Many of us have perhaps done worse, and yet these are what the poet Ovidsays provoked the Roman emperor Augustus to exile him for life. Ovid nevertheless kept the carmina coming, writing his Tristia, Epistulae