The Classics Majors and Greek and Latin Minors at Davidson

Extending far back in time and across so many fields of study, the classics majors and minors promise an intellectual perspective that will inform and enrich the whole of your life's learning, at Davidson and beyond.

The department offers two majors, one in classical languages and literature and the other in classical studies. The first focuses on ancient Greek and Latin; the second takes a broad, interdisciplinary approach to Greek and Roman studies. 

The department also offers minors both in Greek and in Latin.

Courses You Might Take

REL 141

The Rise of Christianity


The theological and historical development of the early church from the New Testament period to the Council of Chalcedon (451 C.E.) with a focus on early controversies as revealed through primary sources.

Satisfies the Philosophical and Religious Perspectives requirement.…

LAT 201

Intermediate Latin


Readings in Latin literature.

LAT 102 or placement test. (Offered annually, Fall only.)

PHI 105

Ancient Greek Philosophy


Introduction to the origins and development of philosophy in ancient Greece, with special emphasis on Plato and Aristotle. 

Counts towards the satisfaction of the Philosophy major requirement to take two courses from among PHI 105, PHI 106, and…