The Classics Majors and Greek and Latin Minors at Davidson

Extending far back in time and across so many fields of study, the classics majors and minors promise an intellectual perspective that will inform and enrich the whole of your life's learning, at Davidson and beyond.

The department offers two majors, one in classical languages and literature and the other in classical studies. The first focuses on ancient Greek and Latin; the second takes a broad, interdisciplinary approach to Greek and Roman studies. 

The department also offers three minors, one in Greek, one in Latin, and one in classical studies.

Courses You Might Take

GRE 103

Intens Elem Greek (2 credits)


For beginners. Introduction and development of basic skills, particularly reading, along with presentation of the fundamental structures of ancient Greek. Requires participation in AT sessions. Meets five days a week.
[Equivalent to Greek 101 and 102, counting for…

LIT 432

Theory & Prac Lit Translation

Cheshire, Ewington, Fache, Henke, Kietrys, Race

This seminar addresses theoretical and practical aspects of literary translation, underscoring translation as both a distinctive form of creative writing and a demonstration of cross-cultural and linguistic competencies. Coursework includes regular literary translation…

GRE 233

Grk Drama: Euripides Cyclops


We will read in Greek the extant literary accounts of the infamous one-eyed giant Polyphemus: Homer's Odyssey, Theocritus' Idyll 11, and Euripides' only surviving satyr play (Cyclops), with special attention devoted to the last. Along the way, we…