The Genomics Interdisciplinary Minor at Davidson

The mission of the Genomics minor is to expand students understanding of biology to incorporate bioinformatic and genomic methods for asking questions, collecting data, and solving problems.

Students who participate in the Genomics program will: 1) pursue careers of their choosing that use their interdisciplinary genomics training; 2) analyze complex datasets to discern patterns and detect connections between seemingly unrelated biological events; and 3) communicate complex, data-rich information clearly and concisely.

The genomics interdisciplinary minor fulfills National Research Council recommendations to provide undergraduates with a strong foundation in biological, mathematical, physical and information sciences. The diverse academic background provided by this interdisciplinary minor in the context of a liberal arts education will help prepare students of all majors for exciting fields such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical industry, biomedical sciences, patent law, and ethics.

You may also apply for a genomics or bioinformatics major through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Courses You Might Take

PSY 241

Child Development


(Cross-listed as Educational Studies 241.)  Research and theory on the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical changes in development from prenatal through middle childhood.  Emphasis on how culture shapes child development and applications to educational settings.   Four-hour observations at an…

PHY 310

Electronics & Instrumentation

Yukich, A. Kuchera

Theoretical and laboratory investigations of analog and digital circuits including diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, and logic gates.  Incorporation of these components in power supplies, oscillators, amplifiers, microcomputer systems, computers and other instruments.  Introduction to assembly language and…

PSY 304

Psy Research: Memory


Research methods, concepts, and empirical findings in the field of memory are explored in lecture and extensive laboratory experience. Emphasis is on human memory. Participation in research as subjects and experimenters is required.  Recommended completion by Fall of senior year…