The interdisciplinary minor supports the study of literature, literary criticism, and literary and cultural theory beyond the borders of a single national or linguistic tradition or history.

Such study requires not only that students study literary and cultural theory, but also that they explore literature in more than one language.

Courses You Might Take

ENG 282

African-Am Lit: 18th-19th Cent


This course introduces students to some of the literature African Americans produced in the 18th and 19th centuries. Due consideration will be given to the conditions under which African American wrote, the complications attendant upon publication of their work,…

PHI 216

Philosophy of Language


Discussion of theories of communication, linguistic meaning, and truth. Other topics vary, and have included metaphor, naming and describing, reference, vagueness, and universals. 

Counts as an elective for the Philosophy major and minor.

Satisfies the Philosophical and Religious…

SPA 271

Hispanic Humanities I


Spanish 271 / Spanish 272 is a two-course sequence that will replace the former SPA 270. The sequence is designed to be a more in-depth introduction to the foundational knowledge and theoretical approaches to Hispanic cultural production from…