The interdisciplinary minor supports the study of literature, literary criticism, and literary and cultural theory beyond the borders of a single national or linguistic tradition or history.

Such study requires not only that students study literary and cultural theory, but also that they explore literature in more than one language.

Courses You Might Take

CLA 122

Roman Lit in Translation


Selected works of Roman literature from the early Republic through the Empire.

Satisfies the Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric requirement.
Counts toward the major in Classical Languages and Literature, the major in Classical Studies, and the minor in…

SPA 354

Dying of Love in Mediev Iberia


This course examines literary and iconographic representations of love and death during the Iberian Middle Ages, with special emphasis on the 15th century sentimental novel. Within the artistic tradition of the cults of love and death that characterize the…

ENG 386

Law, Literature, and Film


Law, Literature, and Film: The Narrative Structure of Trials builds off and borrows heavily (including the subtitle) from the monumental Legal Fictions seminar taught by Prof. Randy Nelson before his retirement in 2018.  Prof. Nelson's course started from…