The interdisciplinary minor supports the study of literature, literary criticism, and literary and cultural theory beyond the borders of a single national or linguistic tradition or history.

Such study requires not only that students study literary and cultural theory, but also that they explore literature in more than one language.

Courses You Might Take

REL 244

Modern Jewish Literature


Modern Jewish fiction, poetry, and literary theory with particular focus on modern Midrash and the significance of writing as a religious act. Selected texts from Yiddish, Euro American, and Israeli literature include writings of I.L. Peretz, Sholem Aleichem…

ENG 455

Milton & Paradise Lost


This seminar offers intensive study of John Milton's masterpiece Paradise Lost.  Discussions will involve close analysis of individual lines-and indeed, individual words-and will examine the contexts of the text, from ancient traditions to the present.  Assignments will…

SPA 271

Hispanic Humanities I


Spanish 271 / Spanish 272 is a two-course sequence that will replace the former SPA 270. The sequence is designed to be a more in-depth introduction to the foundational knowledge and theoretical approaches to Hispanic cultural production from…