The Health and Human Values Interdisciplinary Minor

The interdisciplinary minor helps you grasp how legal, economic, and political institutions influence the production, distribution and delivery of health care services.

Health and human values provides you with a foundation in epidemiological principles, and teaches you how to evaluate and apply the principles of scientific integrity.

Our classes offer an interdisciplinary approach to teaching our students about health, where we strongly encouraged you to take classes that offer applied experiences in health care settings. You are invited to suggest courses for your minor that are not included in the course list.

Courses You Might Take

CHE 374

Medicinal Chemistry

E. Stevens

Chemical basis of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical development. Topics include drug discovery, pharmacokinetics (delivery of a drug to the site of its action), pharmacodynamics (mode of action of the drug), drug metabolism, and patent issues that affect the…

HHV 373

Food and Nutrition Policy

S. Bullock

This seminar will provide a broad introduction to food and nutrition policies in the United States and across the globe.  We will explore an array of regulatory options available to promote healthy eating and prevent obesity, including…

HHV 234

Genes, Environment, & Health


Scientific literature suggests that a person's zip code, and not genetic code,  is a better predictor of their health. Thus, to understand and predict chronic disease susceptibility in humans, we must examine an individual's social and physical environment…