The Health and Human Values Interdisciplinary Minor

The interdisciplinary minor helps you grasp how legal, economic, and political institutions influence the production, distribution and delivery of health care services.

Health and human values provides you with a foundation in epidemiological principles, and teaches you how to evaluate and apply the principles of scientific integrity.

Our classes offer an interdisciplinary approach to teaching our students about health, where we strongly encouraged you to take classes that offer applied experiences in health care settings. You are invited to suggest courses for your minor that are not included in the course list.

Courses You Might Take

HHV 220

Health Psychology


Health Psychology uses the biopsychosocial approach to examine how psychological factors influence health and how they can be used to change health behaviors. Specific emphasis will be placed on pain, chronic illness, nicotine use, and obesity. This class also includes…

BIO 218

Human Form and Function


This course is designed to provide an introduction to the structural organization of the human body. The theme of functional anatomy will be emphasized through the analysis of shape and composition and the correlation of structure with function…

ENV 255

Health and Reproduction


Exploration of relationships between human reproduction and the natural, material, and sociocultural environments in which people live, with attention to both evolutionary science and reproductive justice. Diet, toxins, breastfeeding, male and female infertility, decreasing age of menarche, reproductive…