The Health and Human Values Interdisciplinary Minor

The interdisciplinary minor helps you grasp how legal, economic, and political institutions influence the production, distribution and delivery of health care services.

Health and human values provides you with a foundation in epidemiological principles, and teaches you how to evaluate and apply the principles of scientific integrity.

Our classes offer an interdisciplinary approach to teaching our students about health, where we strongly encouraged you to take classes that offer applied experiences in health care settings. You are invited to suggest courses for your minor that are not included in the course list.

Courses You Might Take

PSY 314

Psy Research: Clinical


Overview of the research methods and statistical techniques used in research in clinical and positive psychology through lecture, laboratory, and independent research projects. Students gain knowledge and experience evaluating psychological research and applying these techniques and methods…

HHV 110

Introduction to Public Health

S. Bullock

This course will introduce the fundamentals and core concepts of public health research and practice. As we explore the history, philosophy and different disciplines of public health, we will evaluate contemporary health issues in ongoing individual assignments…

HHV 130

Sociobio of Health & Illness


This course provides an exploration of biological mechanisms that underlie the effects of the psychosocial environment on chronic disease susceptibility in humans. In this course, students will learn about the biological and chemical bases of disease manifestation, diagnosis…