Davidson offers an assortment of pre-orientation programs that allow students to immerse themselves in the Davidson community prior to the start of the academic year.

Each of these programs is intentionally designed to help you find optimal success in acclimating to the Davidson community.

Available Pre-Orientation Programs

Bonner Scholars Program

Bonner Scholars apply and are selected in the spring/early summer prior to entering Davidson. Those students will participate in an orientation prior to New Student Orientation. Students, as well as interested family members, participate in activities designed to learn more about the Bonner Scholars Program nationally and at Davidson. Participants also spend time exploring the community, getting to know each other and learning about campus resources.

Bonner Scholars Program

International Student Pre-Orientation

International Student Pre-Orientation is designed to meet the unique needs of incoming international students. U.S. and dual citizens living outside of the United States and all non-U.S. citizens are invited to participate.

International Student Pre-Orientation 

Outdoor Odyssey

The Outdoor Odyssey is open to any first-year or transfer student, and uses outdoor activities such as rock climbing, paddling, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, and rafting to challenge incoming students and build community before starting classes. Upper class trip leaders coach your group on basic skills as you work together to build relationships and share significant experiences. Participation is open to any skill level. 

Outdoor Odyssey

Service Odyssey

The Service Odyssey is a service-focused experience that reflects and enriches Davidson's commitment to develop the spirit of service within each student. The program is designed to build relationships among participants, increase social awareness and challenge individuals to work constructively within a group.

Service Odyssey 

STRIDE (Students of Color Program)

Students Together Reaching for Individual Development and Education (STRIDE) is a program that provides direct support to first-year and transfer students of color so that they can not only successfully complete their first academic year of college but ultimately thrive towards successful graduation from Davidson College. Through inclusive dialogues, events and relationship building with Davidson students, staff and faculty, this program attempts to minimize institutional challenges students of color may have at a predominantly white college. STRIDE is historically beneficial to students of color who may also identify as first-generation and/or hold undocumented immigration status. Specifically, STRIDE offers student-led events and connects incoming students to resources to successfully navigate academic and campus life.

STRIDE Program 

Sapere Aude

Start your Davidson College experience with your Humes cohort and the Humanities Fellows and faculty before others get to campus. Sapere Aude ("dare to know") is the required pre-orientation retreat for students enrolled in the Humanities 103 course "Connections and Conflicts in the Humanities." Students take part in four days of community building and close reading and discussion of key texts and artifacts with Humanities faculty, librarians, and fellows. Students can participate in the Humanities program and other pre-orientation programs.

Sapere Aude Pre-Orientation

Career Exploration Academy & Resume Workshops

The Matthews Center for Career Development is offering virtual summer programming to help set you up for professional success at Davidson and beyond. Sign up for a resume workshop and register for our 1-hour Career Compass. Contact careers@davidson.edu with any questions. 

Career Compass

Join Matthews Center staff members to learn about the career exploration process and enjoy a brief overview of the resources available to Davidson students. Students who complete this session during the summer will have priority access to register for the more advanced in-person Career Compass session offered during the academic year.

Resume Workshop

Learn how to turn your high school resume into your first professional/college resume. We'll go over key components of a resume, how to develop bullet points, and distinguish between necessary and unnecessary resume content. Revamp your resume to prepare for applications for employment, internships, research labs, and competitions. Whether you already have a resume or are starting from scratch- we look forward to sharing in the ins and outs of crafting a resume.