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English Minor

An English minor consists of 6 courses, including the following.

  1. ENG 220 - Literary Analysis, the gateway course for the major and minor.
  2. One course in each of the following categories: History, Diversity.
  3. Two elective courses (one of which can be taken outside the department, either in residence or abroad, pending departmental approval of syllabi for courses taken on campus, syllabi and completed work for courses taken abroad.)
  4. A 400-level capstone experience in the senior year, which could be fulfilled through a seminar, a group investigation, or a tutorial.


  • Among the courses taken to fulfill requirements (2) and (3) above, two courses must be at the 300 level.
  • Only one English course at the 100-level may be counted for minor credit.
  • All English minors will develop and maintain a Davidson Domains site to which they will upload one (or more) of their essays from the gateway course (ENG 220), along with other writing samples from upper-level courses.