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Mathematics & Computer Science

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Computer Science Major & Minor

Computer Science fosters computational thinking and literacy, both of which are increasingly critical for effective citizenship in today's society. A major in Computer Science can support the students interested not only in the creative, beautifully abstract computing problems and techniques, but also in the application and expression of those sophisticated concepts for the benefit of sciences and societies. Several of our students have entered distinguished graduate programs in computer science at Stanford, Duke, and Washington University in St. Louis, after earning their undergraduate degree. Both faculty and students have won national and international recognition for software development within physics and bioinformatics.

Major in Computer Science

The major in computer science consists of 10 courses: 9 computer science courses (four core courses and five electives) and one mathematics course.  Of the five electives, at least one must come from Systems and at least one must come from Applications.  The other three electives are unrestricted.  CSC/MAT 220 and CSC 221 should be completed before spring of the junior year.

  • Mathematics Course: MAT 140 or MAT 150 or MAT 160
  • Core Courses: CSC 220, CSC 221, CSC 250 and CSC 321
  • Electives
    • Applications: CSC 361, CSC 362, CSC 370, CSC 371, CSC 379
    • Systems: CSC 353, CSC 357, CSC 351
    • Theory: CSC 324, MAT 320, MAT 325
    • Other: CSC 312, MAT/CSC 315, CSC 322

To declare a computer science major, ask a tenured or tenure-track faculty member in the department to be your adviser, and schedule a meeting with your adviser to discuss your academic plans and fill out the departmental major form together. Bring a copy of this completed form to the department chair, who will sign the Registrar's official major declaration form.

Minor in Computer Science

The minor in computer science consists of six courses:

  • One of CSC 121, DIG/CSC 120, PHY/CSC 200, or BIO/CSC 209
  • CSC 221
  • CSC/MAT 220
  • CSC 250
  • Two electives chosen from: computer science courses numbered above 300 and math courses cross listed as computer science courses

Graduate School

Students considering graduate school in computer science should include MAT 150 and CSC 324 in their coursework, and seek opportunities to engage in research and compete in programming contests.  The Graduate Record Examination should be taken during the fall semester of the senior year.

Honors in Computer Science

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department grants honors to graduating students with outstanding records of accomplishment in computer science, as demonstrated in three areas: breadth of curriculum, quality of academic performance, and significance of scholarly thesis project. See the catalog for further details.