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  • ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

    Since 1919, Davidson College's ROTC program has been commissioning second lieutenants into the United States Army.

Quick Facts

  • Since 1919, Davidson College's ROTC Program has been commissioning Second Lieutenants into the United States Army. Today, as a partnership with UNC-Charlotte's Army ROTC Battalion, Davidson College continues to commission officers into the Active Army, National Guard and Army Reserves.
  • Army ROTC scholarships pay full tuition and mandatory fees, $600 a semester for books/supplies, and also provides a tax-free monthly stipend starting at $300 per month for personal expenses. The stipend increases to $350 for sophomores, $450 for juniors and $500 for seniors. Additionally, Davidson College kicks in 50 percent room and board for all Army ROTC scholarship recipients.
  • High school seniors have until January 10 to apply for an Army ROTC four-year scholarship online. Students interested in attending Davidson College should apply by November 15 for early decision.
  • On-campus students can compete for Campus-Based, Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD), and Leaders Training Course (LTC) scholarships, but must be enrolled in an Army ROTC class to do so. There are also language scholarships if you are interested in pursuing a major in Arabic, Russian or Chinese-Mandarin.
  • The Army ROTC program is a partner with Davidson Athletics. The senior military science instructor communicates with all college coaches to make sure requirements are met for both the Army ROTC and athletic programs.
  • Once contracted, Davidson cadets can take Arabic, Chinese-Mandarin, or Russian foreign language classes and receive $250 per credit hour, every semester.
  • Educational delays are available to you if you pursue a medical, dental or law degree. You will serve your military obligation as a doctor, dentist or lawyer.
  • Army ROTC is open to all ethnic backgrounds, but you must be a U.S. citizen to commission.
  • Try it out. There is no military obligation for taking any freshmen or sophomore Army ROTC classes and leadership labs. Accepting a scholarship does incur a military obligation.
  • All majors offered at Davidson College are accepted toward a military commission. The Army offers 17 different career fields to choose from upon commissioning.
  • A Second Lieutenant going into the United States Army will start out making over $52,000. In 18 months, promotion to First Lieutenant pushes the annual salary up over $66,000. Promotion to Captain, after around four years time in service, increases the annual salary up over $79,000.
  • Studying abroad is highly encouraged while in the Army ROTC program, and is typically done during your sophomore year.
  • The only required summer training is the 32-day Cadet Summer Training Course between your junior/senior years at Fort Knox, Kentucky. There is no Basic Training in Army ROTC.
  • Optional summer training available to cadets are: Airborne School, Air Assault School, Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT), Northern Warfare Training, Mountain Warfare Training, and Overseas Cultural and Language Immersion programs.