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The Physics Department offers minors in astrophysics and experimental physics, as well as excellent opportunities to participate in high-level research projects with faculty. If you would like to tour our facilities, including our labs and classes, please contact Prof. Mario Belloni at

Experimental Physics Minor

An experimental physics minor includes conducting research into physical phenomena, developing theories on the basis of observation and experiments, and devising methods to apply physical laws and theories. The minor requires six courses:

  • PHY 106 or 116 or 214
  • PHY 220 or 230
  • PHY 310
  • PHY 320
  • PHY 335
  • One additional PHY course numbered 200 or above

Astrophysics Minor 

An astrophysics minor includes analyzing the properties and interactions of cosmological objects. The minor requires six courses:

  • Math requirement (Either Physics 201 or both Mathematics 150 and 160)
  • PHY 106
  • PHY 220 or 230
  • PHY 320
  • PHY 330
  • PHY 410

PHY 200 is recommended, but not required.