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Law School & Career Information

Use the following resources for information on law school preparation, application and enrollment, as well as law employment.

Law School Admission Council

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is the most important resource you will use during your law school application process. Create an account and use LSAC to: 

  • Register and Prepare for the LSAT
  • Research Law Schools

  • Apply to Law Schools
  • Research Financial Aid
  • Locate Diversity and LGBT Resources

Prelaw Guide

The Northeast Association of Prelaw Advisers (NAPLA) has prepared the NAPLA Prelaw Guide (DOC) for those considering the legal profession, for undergraduates preparing for legal study, and for candidates applying to law school.

Prelaw News

National Jurist Prelaw News is a leading news source for prelaw students.

Researching Law Schools

Law School Transparency

Law School Transparency is an award-winning 501(c)(3) non-profit that does consumer advocacy and public education about law schools and the legal profession.

Start Class

Start Class provides a searchable and sortable list of law schools in America. Sort by median GPA or LSAT scores, acceptance rate and tuition fees.

LSAC Search

The "Law School Search" section on the LSAC website is a searchable database of all ABA-approved law schools. You can search by your GPA and LSAT score, but please note that there are many variables factored into this calculation. Do not use this tool as an absolute indicator of your chances of admission.

Book of Law School Lists

The NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Law School Lists is a compilation of various law school lists including special degree programs, clinical programs, scholarship offerings, application process information, and more.

Standard 509 Report

The ABA requires all law schools to compile a Standard 509 Report where you can get the most up-to-date information on admissions and employment.

Law School Locator

The Boston College Law School Locator uses your GPA and LSAT score to help you identify law schools where your numbers are most competitive. Note that the site states, "The chart is useful in evaluating law school choices but cannot determine where you should or should not apply."

Financial Resources

The best way to find detailed information about financial aid and scholarships is through the individual law school's website. However, a good place to start is the "Financing Law School" section of the LSAC website and on the Federal Student Aid site.

Access Group

Access Group is a nonprofit that provides financial education resources and services for students applying to law school. They will help you estimate the cost of your law degree and better understand your options.

Admissions Dean

Admissions Dean is a helpful scholarship website that you can use to locate scholarships for law school.

External Scholarships

Loyola University School of Law has a good list of scholarships awarded by outside organizations.

Resources for Students from Diverse Backgrounds

LSAT Accommodations can be requested through LSAC.

LSAC Search

The "Diversity in Law School" section of the LSAC website has many resources for racial/ethnic minority applicants and LGBT applicants.

CLEO Programs

The Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) was founded in 1968 as a non-profit project of the American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education to expand opportunities for minorities and low-income students to attend law school and become members of the legal profession by providing pre-law recruitment, counseling, placement assistance and training. There are programs and resources for each year of your undergraduate education.

Scholarship Opportunities has numerous legal education resources and scholarship opportunities that are available for students from diverse backgrounds.

American Bar Association

The ABA has multiple associations, centers, and commissions for students from diverse backgrounds: Women in the Profession, Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and the Commission on Disability Rights.

National Black Law School Association

The National Black Law Student Association has a Prelaw Division with many resources to help students prepare and succeed in law school.

Researching Law Careers

The Center for Career Development has compiled a list of career information guides and websites where you can learn more about careers in law. is a good place to start learning about the different fields of law, what it's like to be a lawyer, and other career options for people with law degrees.

National Association of Law Placement (NALP) is the premier resource for information on legal employment and recruiting.