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Premedical Advisory Committee

What is PAC?

We offer the unique opportunity for Davidson students to be evaluated by our Premedical Advisory Committee (PAC). This evaluation assesses each student with respect to their academic ability, commitment to medicine, and development of humane instincts and is based on, in part, information provided by the student, their transcripts, and letters of evaluation. The PAC uses a five-category ranking system and accordingly, each student is assigned one of the following rankings: outstanding, highly recommended, recommended with confidence, recommended, and not recommended. A student's PAC ranking denotes the committee's appraisal of his/her overall preparedness to apply in the upcoming application cycle.

Why Get a PAC Evaluation?

Once you submit your medical or dental school primary application through a school's online application service, the school will request letters of evaluation, typically as part of your primary application materials. The comprehensive evaluation that our PAC provides is a valuable and recommended addition to those application materials.

The committee sends its evaluation to medical or dental schools at your request and includes:

  • A cover letter explaining the PAC evaluation process
  • Comments from the Premedicine and Allied Health Professions director
  • Professional letters of evaluation from chosen evaluators

Learn more about medical or dental school admission, and view the MCAT/DAT testing dates.

Apply for a PAC Evaluation

Students should participate in the PAC process during their junior or senior year. Alumni three years or more past graduation are not eligible for PAC, however we can offer limited advising. The application process begins in the fall semester with the Premedical Advisory Committee Forum. During the September information session, students learn more about the process and have the opportunity to ask questions.  

If you plan to apply for the PAC evaluation, please request the PAC application forms by emailing program coordinator Amber MacIntyre at

Since the PAC bases its assessment in part on information supplied by the student, it is important that students submit a thorough and complete application. The next PAC evaluation cycle will be spring 2018. Student PAC applications and supplemental materials are due by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017.

PAC Handouts