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Law School

Because law schools seek those who have developed superior critical thinking, writing and argumentation skills, a wide variety of undergraduate majors at Davidson provide outstanding preparation. Most disciplines include course work exploring the ways in which law interacts with the discipline in current social and economic contexts, and exposure to such courses may be instrumental in your decision. A strong liberal arts program emphasizing multiple disciplines and grounded in diversity has been instrumental in helping our graduates achieve success at the best law schools in the country.

Law Career News

For additional information regarding jobs, internships, events, alumni networking opportunities and resources in law and other career fields, be sure to select your career fields of interest in Handshake. To sign-up, simply log in to Handshake and edit your Job Interests in your Profile. 

Law School Advising Contacts

Primary Adviser

Kelli Robinson (, Assistant Director, Center for Career Development

Additional Guidance

Sarah Phillips '01 (, JD, Vice President and General Counsel, President's Office
Daniel Aldridge (, JD, Associate Professor of History 
John Wertheimer (, Professor of History

Annual Law School Fair

The Center for Career Development hosts a law school admissions fair each November. See Law School Fair for more information.

Undergraduate Preparation

American Bar Association Guide on Preparing for Law School
Advice on your undergraduate education and the skills, values and knowledge that you can acquire prior to law school that will provide a sound foundation for a legal education.