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French & Francophone Studies

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French & Francophone Studies Major

At Davidson, French and Francophone Studies majors acquire knowledge of the language, literature, and cultures of France and the French-speaking countries of Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, North America, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. 

We aim for more than just knowledge. We aim to strengthen our students' critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as their ability to form written and oral arguments in the process, and to do so in French; and through this synthesis of knowledge and understanding, we strive to give our students the fluent world view and skills necessary to thrive in a global economy. 

Major Requirements

A French and Francophone Studies major is required to take 10 French courses beyond intermediate French (FRE 201), including:

  • French 313 (normally taken at Davidson)
  • A course in the 220-229 "Introduction to Literature" series or the equivalent
  • French 260 "Contemporary France" or the equivalent
  • One course in the 320-349 series, one in the 360-369 series, and a third 300-level course excluding FRE 313
  • 490 (Senior Seminar)
  • 491 or 499 (Senior Thesis or Honors Thesis)

We encourage majors to take one course in French or Francophone studies offered by other departments. With approval of the French and Francophone Studies Department, one such course may be included as one of the 10 required for the major. Examples include HIS 228, HIS 328, and AFR 364.

No French course taken Pass/Fail at Davidson will count towards the major in French and Francophone Studies.

In senior year, French majors take the Senior Seminar in the fall and the Senior Capstone in the spring. Students may choose to pursue honors in French and Francophone Studies by writing thesis. Please contact the Chair for more information.

For more detailed information regarding course requirements for a major, or if you're interested in pursuing a minor, consult the College Catalog.