The Africana Studies Major at Davidson

The Africana Studies major is dedicated to the critical examination of the experience of people of whole or partial African descent whether they are in Africa, the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe or other places around the world.

The Africana Studies Department requires 10 courses for the completion of the major. We highly recommend that students begin their study with AFR 101. 

Courses You Might Take

ENG 385

Af Am Lit of Civil Rights Mvmt


This course examines literary texts with prominent Black characters, written by 20th century American and South African Caucasian writers. Analyses will be focused on characterization of people and cultural images which might shed insight upon the sensibilities of…

ANT 323

Human Rights in Latin America


Anthropological perspectives on human rights agendas in Latin America. Case studies examine the tension between universal and culturally relative conceptions of human rights in relation to issues such as state violence, violence directed toward minorities, and social justice…

MUS 142

African-American Music


Charts the development of the distinctly American styles produced by the combination of African and European characteristics.  The music is approached from a historical standpoint, beginning with the musical forms, styles and instruments in African and ending with…