The Africana Studies Major at Davidson

The Africana Studies major is dedicated to the critical examination of the experience of people of whole or partial African descent whether they are in Africa, the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe or other places around the world.

The Africana Studies Department requires 10 courses for the completion of the major. We highly recommend that students begin their study with AFR 101.

Courses You Might Take

AFR 305

Major Thinkers:Robinson&Wynter


The course is designed to expose students to classical and foundational figures who have contributed to shaping major debates, theories, or methodological approaches to this interdisciplinary field. More broadly, the objective of the course is to enable students to gain competency in…

AFR 101

Intro to Africana Studies


An introduction to the major issues and the different methodological and theoretical approaches to the study of people of African descent throughout the world.

Satisfies the Liberal Studies requirement



HIS 267

Health & Society in Africa


Histories of health, healing, and disease control in Africa from c. 1500 to the present.  Explores the ways African people and states have conceived of and responded to relationships between human and natural environment, between individual and collective…