The Africana Studies Major at Davidson

The Africana Studies major is dedicated to the critical examination of the experience of people of whole or partial African descent whether they are in Africa, the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe or other places around the world.

The Africana Studies Department requires 10 courses for the completion of the major. We highly recommend that students begin their study with AFR 101. 

Courses You Might Take

ENG 290

World Literatures


A survey of selected major works outside of the British and American literary traditions, including literature from Europe, Japan, Latin America, Russia, and South Africa. No prerequisites; designed for majors and non-majors.

Satisfies the Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric requirement…

AFR 330

Gender & Develop Sub-Sahara


The purpose of this course is to continue a discussion on the debates, structures, and agents that inform international development in Africa but through the varied perspectives and experiences of African women. Their perspectives offer critical interventions into…

GSS 201

Feminist & Queer Theories

Tilburg, Boyer, Horowitz

Spring 2021: Class will meet synchronously on Tuesday and asychronously on Thursdays

This class explores the epistemological and theoretical foundations of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Students will become familiarized with the different theoretical traditions that inform…